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Scaffolding Hire Sevenoaks: Case Study

At Southern Scaffolding, we are proud to have partnered with Faircloth Construction on one of their challenging scaffolding projects. 

Our team of experts delivered a seamless solution, providing handrails, fall arrest nets, a Haki system staircase, and a cantilevered scaffold, all while addressing party wall issues. 

From start to finish, our commitment to safety, innovation, and expertise was evident as we successfully delivered a scaffold structure that exceeded Faircloth Construction’s expectations. This Commercial Scaffolding Sevenoaks Case Study highlights the results of our collaboration with Faircloth Construction and our dedication to delivering outstanding scaffolding solutions

Putting our experience to Practise

Scaffold Services Sevenoaks

"This was a complex set up due to party wall issues. Nevertheless we got the job done in record time"

Stuart Padden - Director


The project in Sevenoaks required the erection of handrails around the perimeter of the roof, fall arrest nets to the underside of the roof, and a Haki system staircase. Additionally, where the new building joined an existing one, there were party wall issues that needed to be addressed. The project was made even more complex by the requirement for a working lift for brickwork access, which had to be erected from beams to the steel.

Southern Scaffolding's approach

Southern Scaffolding’s team of experts was up for the challenge and delivered a seamless solution. To address the party wall issues, a cantilevered scaffold was formed over the neighbouring roof and supported by beams fixed to the new steelwork. This not only solved the party wall issues but also ensured the safety of all workers on the roof.

The working lift, formed from beams, allowed for brickwork access and ensured that groundwork could be done simultaneously, streamlining the entire process. Southern Scaffolding’s commitment to safety was evident throughout the project, as was their expertise and innovative approach to problem-solving.

Photos from On The Job

Take a closer Look

Here are some examples of photos we took during the job. Pay close attention to the scale and complexity of the set up.

Scaffolding around Steelwork

Temporary roofs scaffolding sevenoaks

Team members during set up


Erection of scaffolding

Party Wall

Handrail construction

Perimeter Roof

Fall Arrest

Roof underside

Alternative handrail shot

Perimeter Roof

“We provided a functional & safe environment for the work to be completed”

- Southern Scaffolding Team


The project was successfully completed, and the scaffold structure exceeded Faircloth Construction’s expectations. The handrails, fall arrest nets, Haki system staircase, and cantilevered scaffold provided a safe and secure working environment for all workers on the roof. The working lift allowed for efficient and streamlined access for the brickwork, and the party wall issues were successfully addressed.


This  Commercial Scaffolding Sevenoaks Case Study highlights the expertise, commitment to safety, and innovative solutions that Southern Scaffolding brings to every project. Our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding scaffolding solutions and exceeding our clients’ expectations. If you’re in need of scaffolding services, we invite you to contact Southern Scaffolding to see how we can help.

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