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Scaffolding Hire Tunbridge Wells: Case Study

Scaffolding plays a crucial role in the construction and refurbishment of buildings, especially those in public places like train stations. Our scaffolding company was recently tasked with the challenging project of erecting a cantilever scaffold over the up and down side of Tunbridge Wells Train Station Bridge for refurbishment works.

In this article, we’ll take you through the process, highlighting the challenges we faced, the innovative solutions we employed, and the exceptional workmanship and expertise demonstrated by our team.

Putting our experience to Practise

Scaffolding Services Tunbridge Wells

"Ensuring Network Rail could continue its normal operations while we worked."

Stuart Padden - Director


Before we could begin the scaffold erection, the first step was to create drawings and calculations with the help of a qualified engineer who had knowledge of the rail industry regulations. These were then submitted along with a cost, and after a series of discussions with the client, Bam Nuttall, on time scales and the availability of shut downs and line blocks, we were ready to begin.

Erection of Commercial Scaffolding Tunbridge Wells

The first stage of the scaffold erection was to form a low-level loaded scaffold along either side of the bridge over the pavement. This was done with traffic management in place, temporarily closing the pavement. From this scaffold, beams were extended out over the track to form a cantilever drop scaffold. The use of GRP towers made from fiberglass was an innovative solution, as these did not conduct electricity, making them safe to use around trains.

Once the scaffold was in place, we instructed a company to cover it with shrink wrap to contain the water and dust. This was important as no debris could fall onto the tracks, let alone onto a passing train. Each scaffold took three shifts to erect, and our biggest challenge was getting a full shift in as we never knew when we would get possession of the track. It was imperative that trackside was cleared 30 minutes before a train was due, making it a race against time.

Photos from On The Job

Take a closer Look

Here are some examples of photos we took during the job. Pay close attention to the workmanship and complexity of the set up; especially over the railway bridge.

Cantilever Scaffold

Station Bridge

Traffic Management

Town Centre

Shrink Wrap

Debris Management

Strict Railway Regulations

Best in class set up

Full scaffolding set up

Tunbridge Wells station


Adhering to timetables

“Completed on time against the odds, much to our clients satisfaction”

- Southern Scaffolding Team

Safety and Supervision

The safety of everyone involved in the project, including train passengers, was our top priority. That’s why we had a COSS supervising us throughout the job during possession to make sure we worked within Network Rail’s shut down timetable. The shrink wrap cover was also a crucial aspect of ensuring safety, as it contained any water or dust that could have otherwise fallen onto the tracks.


The scaffold was successfully erected, and the project was completed to the highest standards, exceeding the expectations of the client, Bam Nuttall. This project showcased our commitment to safety, efficiency, and exceptional workmanship, and our team demonstrated their expertise and innovative solutions in navigating the challenges posed by rail industry regulations.

Next Steps

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