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Scaffolding Hire Tonbridge: Case Study

In this case study, we highlight our scaffolding team’s work on a 5-month project in Tonbridge where we were tasked with providing access to a listed building for refurbishment and renovation work, as well as the construction of a timber frame extension.

Our team had to form a temporary roof cover to protect the existing structure while maintaining worker safety and keeping the project on time and within budget. Through careful planning, innovative techniques, and a focus on quality, our team delivered successful outcomes that demonstrate the benefits of working with our scaffolding business for similar projects.

Since Southern Scaffolding is both a domestic scaffolding company in Tonbridge as well as commercial, this  case study shows how adaptable our team are for jobs big or small.

Putting our experience to Practise

Temporary Roofs Scaffolding Tonbridge

"Despite adverse weather, we stuck to time & budget"

Stuart Padden - Director

Access & Preparation

With the expansion and renovation of a listed building in Tonbridge, our scaffolding team was faced with the task of providing a safe and efficient work environment, while also protecting the existing structure during the refurbishment. The project was extensive and took 5 months to complete, but with careful planning, innovative techniques, and a focus on quality, our team was able to meet the client’s needs and deliver successful outcomes.

One of the major challenges faced by our team was the need to erect an independent access scaffold to the facade of the building for the refurbishment and renovation work. This required careful planning and consideration of the listed building’s unique features, as well as the surrounding environment. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that the scaffolding design would meet their needs while also adhering to local regulations and safety requirements.

In addition to the access scaffold, our team also had to facilitate the erection of a timber frame extension. This required close coordination with the other contractors on the site to ensure that the scaffolding work was completed in a timely and efficient manner. By working closely with the other teams and utilizing innovative techniques, our scaffolding team was able to ensure that the construction work could continue on schedule, even during adverse weather.

Photos from On The Job

Take a closer Look

Here are some examples of photos we took during the job. Pay close attention to the workmanship and complexity of the set up; especially over the railway bridge.


Building Fascade

Underside of Accessway

Building Fascade Alt.

Temporary roof

Ground Floor View

Temporary Roof

Underside View

Temporary Roof & Access

Aerial View

Wide Shot

Roof Covering

“A 5 month project that doubled the size of the building! A massive success.”

- Southern Scaffolding Team

Temporary Roof Construction

One of the key features of our work on this project was the formation of a temporary roof cover over the existing building and the new extension. This was done to protect the existing building during the roof replacement and keep the project on time and within budget by allowing workers to continue working during adverse weather. The temporary roof cover was designed to be lightweight and easy to install, while still providing the necessary protection for the workers and the building. Our team utilized specialized materials and equipment to create a customized solution that met the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

Health & Safety

Throughout the project, our team remained focused on delivering high-quality work that met the client’s needs and adhered to strict safety standards. We utilized innovative techniques and equipment to ensure that the scaffolding work was completed efficiently and effectively, while still maintaining the highest levels of safety. Our team also worked closely with the client to ensure that their specific requirements were met and that they were fully satisfied with the results.

Success Of The Project

The success of this project demonstrates the benefits of working with our scaffolding business for similar projects. Our team has the expertise, experience, and resources needed to provide customized solutions for a wide range of scaffolding needs. Whether you need access scaffolding for a listed building, temporary roof covers for a construction project, or any other type of scaffolding work, our team is here to help.

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